Every time I finish a painting, I ask myself the same question; does the sky have to be blue? Does the sun have to be yellow? Do the trees have to be straight? Should a painting be “perfect”? What does “perfect” mean?
When I’m looking at a painting, I want to know; what’s behind that house? What’s at the end of that path? Where is that river taking me? What are the eyes on that portrait telling me? When my artwork “talks” to me, I know it is done. It is “perfect”!
I enjoy painting water, mountains, horizons… Painting Figures was a new experience for me. I wanted to express their sensitive movements, the softness of their clothes, their cultivated knowledge, feel their thoughts…
But, what really is making me an artist, is the use of the palette knife. This is my "real art"... I just left freedom to my brush and knife, and let them add color to an empty canvas.
English is not my mother tongue. I’m not able to use fancy words or elaborate sentences; my vocabulary is limited, but not my feelings. I talk through the colors, through my work. My paintings are created from my heart… and they are “perfect”.

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